Portrait of a Graduate

Our young students come to us with a natural curiosity.  Christopher Academy’s program is designed to cultivate that curiosity to foster a love of learning for a lifetime.  

A Christopher Academy Graduate is a…

  • Self-directed learner who celebrates individual unique strengths and talents
  • Clear and effective communicator able to express thoughts and ideas
  • Collaborative team member that seeks feedback from others to achieve common goals
  • Creative problem solver and divergent thinker
  • Gifted performer who appreciates art and music
  • Skilled and responsible technology user
  • Team player that is physically active and understands the importance of exercise
  • Caring steward of the environment and community-minded
  • Good citizen that is always kind, considerate, and respectful of others

We know that a love of learning creates confident leaders willing to take risks in an ever-changing world. Our graduates have the necessary skills to be successful in the world that awaits them.