Board of Trustees

Christopher Academy Board of Trustees

Jennifer Smith, Chair

Eric Sasser, Vice Chair

Jessica Litman, Secretary

Jack Tynch, Treasurer

E. Warriner Atkinson

Erin Colton

Dennis Lewin

Julie Mendelson

Scott Mortimer

Dayna Shearin

Christine Whalen

Patrick Whelan

The Christopher Academy Board of Trustees is committed to ensuring that all activities of the School support our Mission and Philosophy. The Board oversees the operations of the School including establishing and revising policy, setting registration and tuition fees, developing short and long range goals, and monitoring all personnel and financial procedures. The Members of the Board represent a broad cross section of our community including parents of current and former students, as well as individuals with financial and development expertise.

Who to Contact: Parents may contact any member of the Board of Trustees with questions, suggestions, or concerns. The Executive Committee of the Board works closely with the Head of the School.

Board Meetings: The Board of Trustees meets a minimum of five times each year. Executive Committee meetings and Board Committee meetings are scheduled between full Board meetings as frequently as needed. Parents who wish to bring a suggestion or concern to the Board may contact the Board Chair directly or through another Board Member. Parents desiring to speak at a Board meeting may contact the Board Chair and request time on the agenda. Contact any Board Member or the School office for meeting dates.

Board Minutes: Board minutes are on file in the School office. Parents may see Board minutes by contacting the Head of the School. Please note that any confidential information relative to a student or personnel will be omitted from minutes made available to the parents.